Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Alien Abduction - Human Abduction?

People are familiar with Betty-Barney Hill Case in 1961. As this was the first alien abduction claim to be widely publicized during that period. One test that their abductors performed on Betty was the insertion of a needle into her naval and the extraction of some fluid. This technique was not known to our medical sciences at that time, but now it’s known and its called amniocentesis and this method was utilized to test for fetal abnormalities. Barney Hill stated that he had a sperm extracted as well. This was a very distinct attempt at checking the human reproductive system to consider whether humans would be compatible for their breeding. Another example is of Betty Cash, one of three people injured in a UFO close encounter near Huffman, Texas, on December 29, 1980, died on the 18th anniversary of the event, in Birmingham, Alabama. She had been in poor health ever since the encounter. At the time of the event, Mrs. Cash operated her own businesses near Dayton, Texas.

Here the abduction procedures appear to be highly structured and routine. The skeptics believed that abductions could have been fabricated easily due to the vast amount of data available. Hypnosis cannot be considered as a reliable source for memory enhancement but instead it increases the brains likeness to fabricate various events or incidents. Except for the one’s who have truly gone through this can only explain and create a true alien abduction story. Here the tools used to perform these examinations are performed with unfamiliar surgical tools not used by the common medical sciences. The abductors repeatedly reassure the victims, either telepathically or by touch. They try to communicate in saying that what they are doing or have to do what is necessary and for some kind of betterment. The individual is then floated out of the room, sometimes via the door, sometimes through secure windows or even walls; solid matter appears to be no barriers, as the abductees along with the abductors are beamed into a waiting alien space craft. Once on the board the victims finds themselves in an examination room, their clothing is removed and laid on a hard surfaced table. Then the various medical procedures and examinations are performed often gynecological in description, implants may be surgically implanted into the nose, ears, behind the eyes or by hypodermically. Samples of skin, semen, blood and other tissues are apparently taken. Sometimes the victim is induced to couple with another human being present or with one of the aliens. Throughout these practices the abductees is repeatedly reassured that this is for the greater good. The abductees are often told that they were the chosen ones to either help the continuation of the alien race or they are going through this to aid in saving the humanity.

The abductees are often escorted to the rooms containing humanoid babies or youngsters, which are half alien-half human hybrids they are then informed that some of these children are theirs and are enthusiastically encouraged to personally interact with them. Where as others who are not involved in the breeding programs are often given tours of the craft and information is revealed about the future events on earth like wars, famine, natural disasters and they are told that mankind needs to alter its ways.

After the procedures were performed, then the clothing is returned to the abductees and they are returned to where the abduction had originally occurred. Often the victims are left in a confused or emotionally upset state. The clothing is often in shambles, or in some cases the clothing is not present at all. The periods of missing time, minutes and hours have completely disappeared from the individual’s memory. The next day nothing of what had happened is remembered. However, the abductees may have an experience of nose bleeding, unexplainable scars, bruising or muscle strain, strange marks, pain in the genital region and often what amounts to post traumatic stress symptoms.

Strangely these types of episodes are not experienced or seen in Asian countries.

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