Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A new world order?

In today’s world most of us live within a democratic system with reasonable liberty and freedom of speech and action. It is changing for the worse without our knowledge. The new world order is creeping on mankind slowly and silently on the vehicle of fear and greed.

The greed of very few who hold the world’s power and money is leading them to manipulate   the minds of the masses by luring them into mass consumerism and  if that fails, by instilling fear and deception.

Since ancient times the rulers have manipulated the minds of the people by using  priests who brought fear of religion, the police or the army using fear of their brute force, the justice system tilted in favour of the rich  and the press or rumor mill. In modern days corporations manipulate the minds of people by their advertisements.

In early days of the advent of the television , Marshal McLuhan realized that  the minds of people were being manipulated for commercial gains by advertisements .They were more than willing to be told what was good for them to wear what to eat and even what to think. And they were even willing to buy advertisements in the form of posters and T-shirts with company logos and advertisements. McLuhan went on to say, ”We are no more prepared to encounter radio and TV in our literate milieu than the native of Ghana is able to cope with the literacy which takes him out of his  collective tribal  world and beaches him in an individual isolation.”

Today even without realizing it, we eat, drink, wear what we are told to and even live our life the way we are made to think that we should live. We are fast losing our individuality and are becoming unthinking zombies in the hands of corporations which has become so enormous that they are bigger than countries. The politicians and corporations are in a secret nexus to squeeze the people.

People have realized this in the economic recession that has enveloped the worls like a gloom and have come out in the streets against the exploitation by this nexus, occupying the Wall Street and demonstrations the world over.

There are powerful people who manipulate the stock exchanges and commodity prices who have concluded that world is now ready to be taken over like George Orwell’s 1984 where there is a big brother watching every move one makes, where there are no individual liberties and oppression in the name of the state. Politicians in most countries are using religion and fear as tools to make draconian laws and convincing us that a little loss of liberty bit by bit will assure us from the danger of annhiliation by unknown forces while they tighten the grip on us.

These secretive power elite groups have globalist agenda to rule the world by an authoritarian world government replacing nations. The race is on for supremacy of control. The few who know watch helplessly as events unfold.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Can't Trust US Soldiers. How can we trust the hired guns?

Reports of US soldiers taking advantage of their position and the liberty given by the US government, which they used extensively during their stay are rampant. Any suspicion was cause for looting of people sheltering fighters or rebellions in their homes. A good number of army battalion was used to bulldoze homes, then wiping the whole neighborhood. Private homes reduced to shambles in just a few seconds with the use of explosives. These things go unnoticed and unrecorded by our own governement. If we can't trust U.S. soldiers, what about the members of the privatized army being sent not by the U.S. but by American corporations to the tune 178 billion dollars?

"People in the military units were searching the pockets of the dead ... for money." The Platoon Commanders and Company Commander: " ... were aware of what was happening ..." But there are many such matters that remain unexplained. Who can we trust? The government? Private corporations like Aegis Defence Services ? Where is the U.N.?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dinosauroid-like Alien Reptiles are dominating the World

BBC reporter David Icke claims that humanity is actually under the control of dinosauroid-like alien reptiles who must consume human blood to maintain their human appearance.

" Some people believe that humanity is actually under the control of dinosaur-reptile like aliens reptiles who drink human blood to look like human beings,

BBC reporter David Icke says that there are Sumerian Tablets describing the "Anunnaki" ,  translating to "those who from heaven to earth came", to the serpent in the Biblical Garden of Eden, to child abuse, fluoridation, and the genealogical connections between the Bush family and the House of Windsor.

Icke believes that the reptilians came here from the constellation Draco. Like most conspiracy theories, believing or falsification of Icke's hypotheses is nearly impossible. Icke continues to sell books and give speaking engagements based on concepts ranging from the New Age to his political opinions.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Loose Change

Back in 2005, Dylan Avery directed a film concerning the events of 9/11, the so-called "...worst terrorist attack on our country in the history of our Nation." If you have not seen this film, I recommend watching it immediately! Although it is easy to be skeptical about how the facts are presented, if nothing, it raises too many questions for there NOT to be something amiss. Our government lies to us, people! It is nothing new in the history of civilization, but we must be aware of it.

For ignorance breeds chaos.

Thanks to sdlhsn @ YouTube