Friday, June 8, 2007

Can't Trust US Soldiers. How can we trust the hired guns?

Reports of US soldiers taking advantage of their position and the liberty given by the US government, which they used extensively during their stay are rampant. Any suspicion was cause for looting of people sheltering fighters or rebellions in their homes. A good number of army battalion was used to bulldoze homes, then wiping the whole neighborhood. Private homes reduced to shambles in just a few seconds with the use of explosives. These things go unnoticed and unrecorded by our own governement. If we can't trust U.S. soldiers, what about the members of the privatized army being sent not by the U.S. but by American corporations to the tune 178 billion dollars?

"People in the military units were searching the pockets of the dead ... for money." The Platoon Commanders and Company Commander: " ... were aware of what was happening ..." But there are many such matters that remain unexplained. Who can we trust? The government? Private corporations like Aegis Defence Services ? Where is the U.N.?

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