Friday, September 19, 2008

World Knows Al-Qaeda are Funded by Saudi Arabia!

The American government can no longer justify attacking middle eastern nations by claiming that these countries have supported al-Qaeda, because the world now knows that the main source of support for al-Qaeda is Saudi Arabia. We must therefore look for other reasons why America wants to conquer Afghanistan and Iraq, and there is substantial evidence that the true motive for the "war on terrorism" is financial.

America needs the oil in these other nations. The American government has contracted dozens of private companies to supply "security" and military support to unstable zones and these military contracts ultimately see Washington fat-cats paid off to keep war going as profits soar. CACI and other groups that "hide" their real intentions depend on this.

America has justified their conquest of Afghanistan and their planned conquest of Iraq by claiming that these countries support al-Qaeda. But why were Afghanistan and Iraq singled-out for attack when there is a more convincing case against Saudi Arabia?

The U.S. government has now been accused by their own advisors of lying to hide the true supporters of al-Qaeda. U.S. government advisors have yet again accused Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism, making Saudi an obvious target for the "war on terror". The Council on Foreign Relations, which advises the White House on foreign policy, has accused Saudi of supporting al-Qaida.

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