Saturday, February 21, 2009


Out of the three colors in the current US Flag, Red and Blue are the only two that can actually be deemed colors. White is analytically the brain's way of processing all colors in the visible spectrum at the same time, while conversely Black would be the absence of color. Why is it that the United States went with Red and Blue and left out the third primary color Yellow?

Red, the stripes, standing for the original 13 colonies that settled in our nation before our independence also symbolizes blood, as is the blood that has been shed in order to establish our "freedoms" and our "rights." When in hindsight the so-called "rights" are simply a cover for what I like to call "government approved actions." We tell children in our schools that we left England so long ago because we were not allowed to practice dutch religions. In actuality what happened is that a few men who were about to become expelled from their own country sailed to Columbus' new land and proceeded to inhabit territory already lived upon by indigenous natives. Several years later, our forefathers destroyed all native populations in order to confiscate their land. This, my friends, is where the Red comes from in our flag. It's not the blood we had shed, but the blood we were going to shed.

The United States of America was born out of war. We are a young nation barely 300 years old and already we have seen more war than most of the world has seen since the dawn of time. First we warred to claim our land. Then we warred to declare our independence. Then we fought over domestic issues and warred over that. We then disagreed with foreign politics and warred with the world twice, attempting to apply the facade of a global hero. Excellent timing! We've had cold wars that have lasted decades, and guerrilla wars that we had no place in withstanding.  We've shed blood in the middle east and we continue to do so to this day!

And every time we make war, there is someone, somewhere in our government who tells us that it is okay to make war. We've seen time and time again that all is needed is a little suppression to create angst, then the government can turn angst into blame and create hate. Hate is when war becomes acceptable, whether it's disguised as survival or defense.

Red is the color of blood. Blood that HAD to have been spilled for the GREATER GOOD of us as a people.

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