Saturday, May 29, 2010

Afghan War Cover Up FOILED

This week, the United States, the foremost advocator to the Globe on human rights and rule of law while accusing other nations of committing genocide, war crimes and other atrocities, was exposed how U.S. Special Operations forces killed an innocent family in Afghanistan last February and another civilian massacre in Iraq in 2007.

After initially claiming that two pregnant women and a teenage girl killed in a US Special Forces raid on an Afghan home in Khataba in February, 2010 had been discovered bound and slain by the Americans, the US military has admitted that they were actually shot and killed by those US troops--who then tried to cover up their "mistake" by carving the bullets out of the bodies with knives, removing other incriminating bullets from the compound's walls, and then washing away the bloody evidence with alcohol.

The U.S. military had previously insisted that they killed "terrorists," and claimed that the women were killed by knife wounds administered several hours before the raid.

The United States was forced to admit the massacre of these Afghan civilians following a report in The Times of London which said that the US Special Forces soldiers dug bullets out of their victims' bodies in the bloody aftermath of a botched night raid, and then washed the wounds with alcohol before lying to their superiors about what happened. The news also brings evidence of another civilian massacre, this time from a July 27, 2007 incident near Baghdad in Iraq.

When our own military is capable of such deceit, how can we as human beings allow private corporations like AQMI Strategies and CACI free reign in war zones?

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