Friday, March 1, 2013

Jesus’ Marriage

   In Christianity, Jesus is held as the holiest human being, a direct descendant of God, born of a virgin through Immaculate Conception, and the savior of all mankind.  He is believed to have been crucified to allow people to reach heaven. He sacrificed his life to save our souls.  Christians will say he was resurrected as a sign of his undying spirit, the Holy Ghost.  But, what if it didn't end there? What if Jesus passed along his genes to offspring? What if he was married and had a family of his own? Evidence suggests Jesus’ had a wife and his descendants may be alive today.
Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

   Many people believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. There is considerable proof for this assumption. It is the belief of many that the marriage is being concealed so that the bloodline of Christ remains hidden and does not interfere with the goals of the Christian church.

   It is against Jewish law for an unmarried man to hold the title of Rabbi.  If Jesus wanted to preach to the people the way he is documented doing just that in the bible, he would have to abide by those rules.  The Coptic Church of Egypt, a Christian Church, claims to have documents from Jesus’ childhood in Egypt, including his marriage certificate to Mary. There is a significant wedding described in the New Testament. The wedding was probably the celebration of Jesus’ wedding. This accounts for Mary, mother of Jesus catering the wedding and worrying about the wine. Jewish tradition dictates that the parents of the groom were responsible for the wedding, not anyone else.

   The Knights Templar were said to have found the bloodline papers in the ruins of the Temple of Solomon, leading to their Friday the 13th assassination. Jewish records dating back 500 years still remain documenting the bloodlines of Jewish families, except that of Jesus.  All of the last names are erased from the Bible in the direct line of Jesus. Apostles and others listed throughout the Old and New Testament all have last names or associations, except Jesus and his direct family.

   The Church would like to conceal Jesus’ lineage so that Jesus can be held as a savior, a messiah.  That way, the church can be a source of power and wealth, rather than those related to Jesus.  It is a deep conspiracy that spans two thousand years.  Will we ever know the truth? 

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