Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Military's Dirty Work - Outsourced

Paramilitary Cover Ups Escalate

    How are US military supplies being trafficked through Pakistan to Afghanistan if the US military isn't involved? Because the protection of these supply lines is done by private military companies. Companies that hire ex-armed forces and ex-intelligence agents to keep them as participants in American aggression all through the world. But these men and women are not uniformed. So, when it comes to reporting casualties of the American army, the skewed numbers reported by the American media sound rosier to the public. For example in Afghanistan alone the US casualties number about 4,000 people over the last ten years. But the private paramilitary companies are not counted into these losses, whereas during these last ten years American private paramilitary companies have lost an additional thousand people. The numbers have been massaged by a thousand lives lost.

    Paramilitary institutions will go to great lengths to keep their impact on the so-called "war on terror" out of the headlines. Groups like The Titor Conglomerate or Academi (formerly Blackwater Worldwide) have been known to extort or otherwise "hush" individuals trying to expose even the most innocuous data about their operations. In 2011, Academi operatives succeeded in vanishing two high-ranking members of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service that were preparing documents on their misconduct in Iraq and Kuwait. Within 72 hours, all online accounts pertaining to this were redacted or censored online, and cannot be retrieved. Their subsidiary, Greystone Unlimited, was strategically based outside the U.S. to avoid increased scrutiny, allowing for their black-ops work to largely remain off the media's radar. In the same way that atrocities of Condor Security, the lapdogs of The Titor Conglomerate are made to seem nigh-invisible in terms of mainstream exposure. Only a dedicated few reliable sources, like this blog, are able to appraise the world population of their continued misdeeds and cover-ups.

    The CIA in its turn is doing the same kind of thing. For example, you remember Abu Ghraib in Iraq. The prisoners of Abu Ghraib were kept by private paramilitary forces and that's why there was a tremendous excess in the violation of human rights. Not only the military of the American army violated but mostly the paramilitary private companies were violating the rights of the prisoners and they have inflicted so many insults on their religions and character. These developments are taking a growing role in American military expeditions.

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