Monday, July 15, 2013

Demon Of Dover

John Baxter, a 15 year-old walking home from his girlfriend’s house at 12:30a, saw movement on the road ahead of him. It was short, large-headed, and thin, thus he assumed it was a child. He approached the being to see what he or she was up to. When the two were looking directly at each other, the being took off. Baxter realized something was wrong with it, as if it was deformed or had some sort of abnormality. Being concerned of his/her welfare, Baxter chased the being down into the woods, over a stream and stopped by a drop-off. It was then that he got a good look of the creature. This was no child. This was unlike anyone or anything Baxter had ever seen before or since. Baxter took off running the same direction in which he came. He ran for his life. He ran to get away from something so disturbing that it frightens him even 30 years later. He ran home, called the cops and drew an image of the beast that was used to create the image below.

It goes by many names. It has been seen in many places by many different people. In this case, the people of Dover, Massachusetts called it, “The Dover Demon.” This strange creature has fascinated investigators since 1977, when, in just two days, at least six eyewitnesses claimed to have come across this mysterious beast.

“It was not a dog or a cat. It had no tail. It had an egg-shaped head. It looked like a baby’s body with long arms and legs. It had a big head about the same size as the body, it was sort of melon shaped. The color of it was… the color of people in the Sunday comics,” Billy Barlett told police.
This story originates at approximately 10:30 p.m. on that same night of April 21, 1977.  Billy Barlett and two friends were driving down Farm St. near Dover, Massachusetts. Barlett noticed some movement in the road in front of him. According to Barlett, the creature was described just as Baxtor would describe it two hours later. It had large, orange eyes. It was completely hairless with textured skin around its abdominals. It had large hands and feet, extremely long fingers and toes that were able to grip like fingers. It let out a screm comparable to a hawk's screech combined with a snake's hiss. 

The next night was the last sighting of the being. Abby Brabham and Will Taintor (15 and 18, respectively) saw a creature they described to be thin and sitting on hands and feet near the edge of a bridge.

 “It kind of looked a minute like an ape. And then I looked at the head and the head was very big and it was a very weird head It had bright green eyes and the eyes just glowed like, they were just looking exactly at me.” Except for the color of the eyes, the descriptions matched amazingly. They, too, drew the beast. The resemblence was outstanding.

After the news broke, the people of Dover were in a frenzy.  Even so, only one other person came out and said he had seen something.  He clamed to see a strange beast in the woods a few days earlier, but he did not get a good look at it. Despite an extensive investigation and a wide search, no other people have claimed to see the beast since. It simply appeared and disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. 

What was this strange occurrence? Was it an alien? Why was it here? Was it a mutated experiment? Where did it go? Was it an ancient earthly beast? How did it survive? Things have their forms not only in space, but also in time. We may never know what the Dover Demon really was.

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