Monday, July 22, 2013

Plum Island and The Montauk Monster

Plum Island is unlike any island anywhere else in the world. Located right off the coast of New York City, it is the country's only Animal Disease Center. Owned by the U.S. government and run by Homeland Security, much of what occurs on the 3-mile island is a mystery. What isn't a mystery are the creatures that wash up on the shore of New York from the island. The mutated experiments are hardly identifiable.  Some hairless, some skinless, some with parts seemingly belonging to other animals, the creatures are disgusting and frightening.  One, in particular, was named the Montauk Monster.  Its carcass caused a stir in the community as to what is going on behind the fences and laboratory doors.  As of yesterday, Plum Island is still under contract to be sold.  Despite the efforts of many, Plum Island may soon be privately owned.

The Animal Disease Center on Plum Island began as a biological warfare lab in 1954 run by former Nazi scientists.  These scientists traded prison sentences for aprons and test subjects.  The island is 840 acres, consisting mostly of abandoned buildings that once belonged to the military base dating back to the 1800's.  It has plenty of room for the livestock, various disease and chemical agents and for residency. The original purpose of the facility was the creation and study of biological diseases used for weaponry against livestock and human targets in times of war.  The experiments on the island have been credited for the spreading of African swine flu, West Nile, Dutch Duck Flu and Lyme disease.

On July 12, 2008, a creature washed up onto the shore of across from Plum Island near Montauk, New York. The beast had four legs, little hair and odd figures unlike any other animal.  People under salary to the U.S. government claim it is just a raccoon. A raccoon? Raccoons do not have beaks, limbs like this creature, nor any other resembling feature.  See for yourself, does this look like a raccoon?

The hideous beast seems to be the result of some experiment gone wrong or a biological weapon gone right.  If the scientists could do this to an animal, what could they do to a person?

Even scarier than the disfigured beasts that wash ashore was the appearance of a human body in January of 2010. The clothed male, approximately six feet tall, was found partially decomposed on the shore of the island by one of the facility's armed security guards. Little was found during the investigation tying the death to foul play or to the island itself. No arrests were made, no cause of death ever found. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Plum Island’s strange and morbid history may soon come to a close. Due to budget cuts, the island may soon be going up for auction. A bill has been sent to Congress today in attempt to block the sale of the island.  That bill will likely not pass due to budget cuts and the necessity to fill in some of the gaps.  A certain group of people hope to keep the secrets of the island concealed forever.  Most people do not realize the secrets of the island.  Most people only see the $80 million asking price.  The proceeds of the auction will go to the construction and running of the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, Kansas, the Disease Center's new home. Since May of 2011, the EPA worked on determining if 60 years of animal testing would constitute a threat to public health preventing the sale of the island. Apparently it is safe for sale and ready to change hands.  One potential buyer, Davey Andrews, hopes to purchase the island for under $30 million and construct up to 300 luxury homes, creating a new suburb of New York City.  Will the island then be at peace or will new horrors arise from the ashes of the former masters? Will the experiments, the danger, the fear ever end? In the end, nothing ends.  Nothing ever ends.


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