Monday, February 11, 2013

Bush 2004 Re-Election Rigged

   The 2004 U.S. Presidential Election was clearly a conspiracy, a fix to elect George W. Bush into office. There are many theories to why the Bush/Gore election was a sham. Some of the most compelling evidence resides in the state of Florida and the now infamous Presidential Recount. The election was finally decided in the state that was governed by Jeb Bush, George’s own brother. More conspicuous, though, was the need for George W. Bush to be in office, continuing with New World Order. He was needed/selected to conquer the Middle East, a task his father, George Bush Sr. had started years earlier with the Gulf War (yet, had been unsuccessful). The sole mastermind behind the ordeal was none other than Secretary of Defense for George H.W. Bush and V.P. for W. Bush, Dick Cheney.

   Why Bush? What is the New World Order?

   The Bilderberg Group is a highly exclusive annual gathering of 100 of the richest and most influential people around the world. The New World Order is a secretive agenda by many of those same people to create one world army, one power to dominate all countries and armies.

   The following video shows some of what the NWO is capable of doing.

   Bush was chosen by the Bilderberg Group in 1999 and the New World Order was not going to allow him to lose the election. After having Bill Clinton sign the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 the government needed a republican in office to enforce and/or start a war in the Middle East, a deliberate continuation of George Bush Sr.’s plan during his time in office.

   How did George win Florida?

   Jeb Bush for months had claimed there was “no way possible” George could lose Florida. He reiterated that statement during the night of the election. This statement was made again in the documentary, “Queen of Versailles.” David Siegel (at the time one of the richest men in America) says, ”I am singled-handedly responsible for the election of George W. Bush.” He is then asked how exactly he ‘got George W. Bush elected president’. “I’d rather not say it. It may not necessarily have been legal.”

   On Election night, Bush is announced as the winner in Florida on Fox News nearly 30 minutes before the official release has been issued by the Department of Elections. The votes hadn’t been fully counted, yet, somehow, Fox News knew the outcome of the election. As if more evidence was needed, Katherine Harris, who oversaw the election process in Florida, has been investigated for denying nearly 90,000 people the ability to vote in the Bush/Gore election due to “conflicting names on a felon database.”

   The facts speak for themselves.

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