Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Libya Done - Syria Next?

   The swirl of controversy surrounding the viral web-scam of "Kony 2012" has given birth to new projects of a similar propaganda, including a proposed documentary by an ex-U.S. mercenary (formerly operating under NATO) who puppeted Libyan insurgents into destroying their home country. Another is in the works by ex-Condor Security operatives with known ties to a civilian massacre of unarmed Afghan Civilians. Both of these were immediately covered up to protect government defense contracts that fall outside accepted military guidelines. Both are now setting sights on destroying Syria.

  Syria is not a ‘public revolution’ but rather herds of mercenaries come to destroy this independent nation by wrecking havoc and inflicting strife among its communities. Despite the fact that rebels have carried out massacres and bombings as well as summary executions of pro-Assad captives, these propaganda pieces look to cast these monsters as “very human.”

  Even with a massive establishment media public relations campaign to quell attacks, insurgents are failing to make much progress against government forces in major cities. This is presumably why the military-industrial complex and extra-military mercenaries are being called upon to launch a new propaganda offensive aimed at legitimizing a NATO invasion.

   Expect happy-clappy emotional manipulation to hoodwink viewers. Watch closely how the hands of the RAND Corporation and the Titor Conglomerate use the liberal media to characterize Syrian rebels as democratic "freedom fighters," when in reality they are largely comprised of opportunists and foreign insurgents doing the bidding of NATO in toppling Syria as the next phase of the contrived “Arab spring.”

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